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Do All Your Website Leads Get Automatically Followed Up?

When someone submits their contact details to your website, do you call them within a few hours? The longer you wait to call a new lead from your website, the colder the lead becomes. What about leads that are contacted but are not ready to buy your service or product immediately? Do you stay in […]

Does Your Website Follow Your Visitors Around the Internet?

97% of visitors to your website will never return! That is a scary statistic, especially when you consider that most small business only gets between one hundred to a few¬†thousand visitors per month. You spend so much money, time and effort trying to get new website visitors, only for them to leave and never return. […]

Don’t Waste Your Money On Website Design. Spend It On This Instead

If the goal of your website is to get more clients, then you shouldn’t spend most of your budget on website design. I have seen countless websites that look absolutely awful but make a tonne of money. Craig’s List is a great example of a website that has not been designed beautifully, but is extremely […]

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