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Web Designer Job Description

Job Title

Website Designer


  1. Create mockups for new website designers

  2. Implement those mockups in Elementor

  3. Maintain company websites for clients and Enzango

  4. Create images for social media sites for clients and Enzango

  5. Create Facebook Ad images for Facebook Ad campaigns

  6. Create thumbnails for blog posts and youtube videos

  7. Integrate landing pages with marketing automation apps to build marketing funnels

  8. Create logos and other marketing collateral for clients and Enzango

  9. Update Youtube/blog content with images

  10. Any other miscellaneous jobs that are required

  11. CHeck Freshdesk Daily and complete all tasks


You are expected to organise, book in and hold the following meetings every week:

  1. Daily Scrum with Marlon

  2. Nightly Review Meeting

  3. Client meetings with working on a website design

Work Times

We have agreed that you will work 6:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday Philippines time with a 1-hour lunch break.


You will be paid AUD$900 per month.

We have agreed that I will pay you every 2 weeks through Western Union.

I will make a payment of AUD$415 every 2 weeks on a Monday paid in arrears.

Each payment will be in AUD dollars and the conversion will depend on the conversion rate at the time.

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