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Win Back Your Lost Website Visitors with Facebook Remarketing

Did you know that up to 97% of your website visitors are going to leave and never come back? 

That is really disheartening because it’s probably cost you a lot of money to get these visitors to your website first place.

Secondly, you know that if someone is on your website, they’re there for a reason. 

They didn’t just take a wrong turn and end up on your website.

They are interested in your product or service.

So to lose 97% because they weren’t ready to take action on the first visit is a huge loss.

Your website is leaking leads, and you are losing sales.

Facebook Remarketing

Don’t worry, there is a straightforward way to fix this.

It’s called Facebook Remarketing. 

If you install the Facebook Pixel on your website, you can start to remarket to your website visitors.

This means that you can show Facebook Ads to everyone who lands on your website the next time they go to Facebook.

You can show them a Facebook Ad to encourage them to take the next step in your sales process like:

  1. Booking an appointment
  2. Downloading a coupon
  3. Joining a webinar
  4. Downloading an ebook

Building a Facebook Remarketing Funnel

If you show them an ad and they don’t come back to your website you can continue to show them ads for the next 180 days.

And why is it important to do this? 

Because you know that they are interested in using your business, but it might not be the right time. 

Maybe they need to be doing more research or save money or wait a couple of months. 

If you can stay on top of mind, you can have those seven to nine touchpoints experts say it takes before a prospect makes a buying decision. 

Then when they are ready to buy, you will be on top of mind and in their Facebook feed waiting to convert them into a client.

When they are ready, and your ad shows in their Facebook Feed, they will already know, like and trust you. 

So they will click the ad and engage your business.

Types of Effective Facebook Remarketing Ads

There are many types of content you use for your Facebook Remarketing Ads.

Lead Magnet

The most straightforward ad you can create is to offer your Cold Offer or Lead Magnet on your website. 

Now if you’ve been following the Sales Driven Website Methodology, you will have created a Cold Offer for a Cold Audience.

This is an irresistible offer that your perfect prospect just has to have, and they are happy to exchange their contact details for getting their hands on it. 

To make it irresistible, you need to base the content on a solution to a pain point of your prospect.

Educational Videos or Content

Education content in the form of videos, webinar and blog posts are perfect for establishing credibility and building trust with your prospects.

Promotional Offers

Show ads that have clear and valuable offers are great for remarketing ads. 

These prospects are warm, and some are hot. At times if you show them an ad with a Hot Offer, then they will take it and make a buying decision.

The best types of Hot Offers are coupons, book an appointment or speak to a salesperson.

When you show a series of these ads in a row to your website visitors, you are building a marketing funnel on Facebook. 

You can keep showing these ads to people for up to 180 days.

Facebook Remarketing is Very Cost-Effective

You can start remarketing to your website visitors on Facebook for as little as $1 per day.

We recently set up a website remarketing campaign for a client.

They spent $1 per day.

In 60 days, they spent $60 and generated an extra 50 leads at the cost of $1.52 per lead.

Now that is amazing!

And so cheap.

Remember, these leads were generated from all the website visitors who left the website and were never coming back.

If your website does not have Facebook Remarketing installed, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GET IT INSTALLED.

Your top competitors are doing it, and if you aren’t, then you’re losing clients to them.

Facebook Ads Remarketing is just 1 out of 8 components of a Sales Driven Website. 

If you want to turn your website into a lean, mean sales machine, join our webinar which explains the other 7 components at


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