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Do All Your Website Leads Get Automatically Followed Up?

When someone submits their contact details to your website, do you call them within a few hours?

The longer you wait to call a new lead from your website, the colder the lead becomes.

What about leads that are contacted but are not ready to buy your service or product immediately?

Do you stay in contact with them until they are ready to buy?

Managing this process can be hard.

Knowing who to call and how often can become overwhelming and so most businesses do nothing.

The best way to follow up with all leads from your website is through marketing automation.

A marketing automation platform will send each lead a pre-written series of emails at set intervals.

The software will send these emails without any human intervention.

These emails should be designed to add value to the prospect and then ask them to take the next step in your sales cycle.

By adding value to the prospect, you will build your brand as an authority in their mind.

By sending these emails regularly, you will stay in contact with your prospect until they are ready to buy.

By using an automated platform to send these prewritten emails, you will ensure the follow up gets done, and no lead slips through the cracks.

Email Automation is a must feature for the modern website that generates new clients weekly.

Unfortunately, most websites don’t have marketing automation installed.

If you want to get ahead of your competition, then install Marketing Automation to follow up every lead submitted on your website to turn them into a client.


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