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What Would An Extra 60+ Leads Every Month Mean To Your Business?

What would an extra 60+ leads every single month mean to your business? 

For many businesses, that would make a huge difference. 

For example, is a new client of ours and we have been able to generate over 200 leads in four weeks at an average cost of about $4.40 per lead. 

So what does that mean for ICFCoaching? Well, ICFCoaching now has salespeople who are calling every one of those warm leads booking appointments and then converting them into clients. 

We have another client called GCT Property who helps first home buyers purchase their first home quicker and at a great price. Last year they really struggled to get leads. This year, we built them a Sales Driven Website and in just three weeks we’ve generated over seventy-seven leads at an average cost of about $2.50 per lead. 

So what does that mean to GCT Property? 

Well, they now have salespeople who are calling up and booking appointments with these warm prospects,  meeting them in their homes and then converting them into a client. 

We have another client that helps business owners and coaches and consultants write their first book. They are spending just $5 a day on ads. They’ve been able to generate 10 leads per week of business owners that they can call, book appointments and then convert into a client. 

Now, the secret to making this work is a Sales Driven Website. The average website doesn’t really generate this amount of leads.

The reason a Sales Driven Website does it because it has marketing features built-in. These features attract new prospects, capture their contact details, nurture them until they’re ready to make a buying decision and then convert them into a client. 

Now, there’s a relationship that goes on between the business and the website, and the website will generate the lead and do the nurturing. But then the business has to convert the lead into a paying client. 

Over the years we have seen Sales Driven Websites really help businesses grow by generating leads they never thought they could have.

To help businesses understand how this all works we have created the Sales Driven Website Blueprint. We have documented the exact strategy that we’ve used with these three clients into a blueprint, so you can see how it works and learn from it.

We’ve actually gone one step further and created a video that explains the blueprint in detail. 

If you’re a small business owner then I would encourage you to download this blueprint because it will help you transform your website from a lazy white elephant into a lean, mean sales machine. 

So click the button, fill in your details and download the Sales Driven Website Blueprint now.


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