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Your Website Is The Most Under Utilized Asset Online

Your website is probably the most underutilized asset that you have online. 

Do you know how I know? 

Because most businesses struggle to maintain their website as much as their social media profiles. 

What businesses do is investing heavily on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. They put all their faith in these platforms and neglect their website. 

But what happens if the rules change? What if Facebook decides to make likes not as important or to remove likes or to ban you from the platform altogether? 

Well, they have. Facebook has recently changed the rules on businesses, where they went from a free platform to a pay-to-play platform. The severely restricted the exposure Pages receive unless businesses pay for exposure on the Facebook Ads platform.

I’m not saying you should abandon these platforms. They are the best way to get traffic to your website. But what I am saying is to invest more in your website because your website is an asset that you own. 

Your website is actually much more powerful than any of these platforms individually. So the strategy you should use is to convert your website into a funnel. 

We call this a Sales Driven Website. A website that attracts prospects, that captures the details, that nurtures them from a cold to a warm to a hot prospect when they are ready to buy from you and then helps convert that prospect into a paying client. 

When you have a Sales Driven Website you then use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn to drive traffic to the website so it can capture the details of your perfect prospects and push them through your website funnel. 

My question to you is, “Do you have a Sales Driven Website?”

We’ve created a quiz that you can complete that will if you have a brochure website or a Sales Driven Website. When you complete the quiz we will that will show you the changes you need to make to turn your website into a Sales Driven Website.

So click on the button below, fill in the quiz, receive your free report and find out what it takes to convert your website into a lean, mean sales machine.


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